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An authorized company to implement DMA, png installation, PE laying & other related services in various gas of Tamil Nadu.

We have developed as authorized company in CGD – PNG having our strong foot prints


With a remarkable record of registering 30,000 households in less than 1 year of operation.

AUTHORISED BY CGD’S LICENSED BY Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB)

1. AG&P Pratham        2.Torrent Gas

Gas tap with pipeline system at natural gas station.

About PNG

Piped natural gas (PNG) is a form of natural gas that is delivered through a network of pipelines to homes, businesses, and other buildings. PNG is a convenient and clean-burning source of energy that is used for heating, cooking, and other purposes.


Customers are charged based on the amount of gas they consume, as measured by the meter.PNG is considered to be a safe and reliable form of energy, environmentally friendly than many other forms of energy, as it produces fewer emissions and is not as harmful to the environment.


 Overall, PNG is a convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly source of energy that is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world.

What we Do

We provide Direct Marketing Agency service, PNG installation, PE laying & other services related to Piped natural gas distribution. 

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