What We Do

Our Model

     Training infrastructure in India is abundant but grossly underutilized. So, we created a model that leveraged this untapped resource -using functional training infrastructure that needs minor upgrades combined with a robust operations process to deliver skill programs, instead of creating brand new training centres.
Art of teaching. Group of people at business conference in modern classroom at daytime
Training Centre

Setting up Potential Training Centre with excellent infrastructure.


To identify the target audience in the projected volumes.

Pre-program counselling

Awareness about the training programs & ensure people with the right profiles & aspirations register for the programs​​


Delivering skillset through proved frames works, syllabus and quality.


To attain proficiency to be certified competent.

Placement Assistance

Extensive Industry Linkages Orientation Programs by Companies

Post Placement Support ​

Ensure Smooth Transition Layering Of Life Skills​


5 Key Performance Indicators

     We consider ourselves a social enterprise and by that virtue take our impact very seriously. The impact is measured annually. The 5 KPIs below were selected because they can be feasibly collected and reflect the overall performance of our skilling model.
1. Ratio of trained individuals Vs General population
2. Skilled Graduates
3. Increase in Employable Workforce
4. Women Empowerment
5. Bridging Industry Skill Gap