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We at Ace Skill actively support the Government of India’s ‘Skill India’ initiative and is making consistent efforts to help make this ambitious initiative a success. Through a variety of relevant skill development across numerable sectors, we aspire to build an inclusive and enabled society.

Sectors & Job Roles

BFSI Sector

The prevailing milieu is highly quality-conscious, smarter performance, and every sector is in demand of skilled Finance & Accounting professionals. The certificate course has been designed to satisfy the occupational requirements.

AceSkill brings to you:

  • Certificate course in Accounts Executive – BSC/Q8101

Tourism & Hospitality

AceSkill has carefully crafted tourism & hospitality courses to help generate professionals trained in customer service and customer relationship.

AceSkill brings to you:

  • Certificate course in Food & Beverage Service – THC/Q0301
  • Certificate course in Counter Sale Executive – THC/Q2903
  • Certificate course in Housekeeping Supervisor – THC/Q0201
  • Certificate course in Front Office Associate – THC/Q0102
Colorful sewing threads and a sewing machine

Apparel, Made-Ups & Home Furnishing

Apprenticeship is crucial in these industries to maintain the quality of craftsmanship. The following courses by AceSkill can help you secure a constant source of income and provide you with the right guidance.

  • Certificate course in Sewing Machine Operator – AMH/ Q0301
  • Certificate course in Measurement Checker – AMH/Q0103
  • Certificate course in Self-Employed Tailor – AMH/Q1947
  • Certificate course in Hand Embroiderer – AMH/Q1001


Agriculture occupies a pivotal position in the Indian economy both in terms of GDP and potential employment opportunities for our country’s rural population.

AceSkill brings to you:

  • Certificate course in Banana farmer – AGR/Q0301
  • Certificate course in Dairy farmer / Entrepreneur – AGR/Q4101
  • Certificate course in Gardener – AGR/Q0801

Beauty & Wellness

The Beauty and Wellness sector is growing at a CAGR of 15% over the last five years and has become an attractive job prospect for women, with over 50% females working in this sector.

We offer you the following course:

  • Certificate course in Assistant Beauty Therapist – BWS/Q0101


The leather sector has been growing rapidly as a consequence of increased demand. However, the absence of skilled manpower is still a critical challenge in this domain. To boost the production of skilled labour in this sector,

AceSkill provides:

  • Certificate course in Stitching Operator – LSS/Q2501


As per the NSDC skill gap report, IT & ITES sector is expected to employ around 5.1 million professionals directly in FY22. In order to meet the projected employment demand,

AceSkill offers:

  • Certificate course in Domestic Data Entry Operator – SSC/Q2212

Green Jobs

The rise of green industries has driven the demand for trained professionals in this domain. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these rewarding opportunities,

AceSkill brings to you:

  • Certificate course in Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra)- SGJ/Q0101


Retail is a growing and industry with many job opportunities. A Retail Sales Associate is incharge of all sales activities and sales associate job duties, from greeting customers, suggesting items, and providing product information.

AceSkill provides:

  • Certificate course in Retail Sales Associate – RAS/Q0104
Young woman interviewing for a job

Soft Skills

Soft skills are just as significant as technical know-how. Not only do such skills help you build more meaningful workplace relationships but also enhance your employability. Since we truly understand its importance, AceSkill has crafted for you the following programs.

AceSkill has crafted for you the following programs:

  • Soft skills and personality development programs for the work place
  • Employability programs for colleges (Interview skill, Business communication, Management Development programs)

Electronics & Hardware

As per the NSDC skill gap report, Electronics and Hardware sector has an incremental human resource requirement of 4.61 million by 2022. To help meet this demand,

We bring you the following courses:

  • Certificate course in Solar Panel Installation Technician –ELE/Q5901
  • Certificate course in Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician -ELE/Q8104


For the industry that accounts for about 11% of India’s GDP and is the second largest employer in India after agriculture,

AceSkill brings you the following courses:

  • Certificate course in Assistant Electrician – CON/Q0602
  • Certificate course in Mason Concrete – CON/Q0105
  • Certificate course in Mason General – CON/ Q0103

Health Care

With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals throughout India, AceSkill has started skilling youth by providing:

AceSkill has crafted for you the following programs:

  • Certificate course in General Duty Assistant – HSS/Q5101


Aceskill is sincerely passionate about grooming young talent and transforming them into skilled professionals. We deliberately train not only in domain-specific skills but also on their overall skills and ready them for a corporate environment.
After successful course completion, our dedicated placement cell helps AceSkill’s trained sutdents bag their dream jobs in a wide range of sectors. Our students get placed in the following sectors:

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